Everett Civic Music was founded in 1931 under the leadership of Anna Rollins Johnson, a teacher of voice fondly called “Mrs. Music”.  When Mrs. Johnson, and her husband, Judge William A. Johnson, arrived from Bangor, Maine, they discovered that Everett had no concerts. That was about to change as Anna Rollins Johnson set forth to create Everett Civic Music, probably never imagining that in the next century it would be going stronger than ever. Mrs. Johnson was Everett Civic Music’s charter president and served as the chief officer until her death in 1958.

Today, in the 21st century, it is an extraordinary team of dedicated and hard working volunteers which keeps Everett Civic Music one of the most active and successful community concert associations in the country. It is not uncommon for season tickets to be sold out in a matter of mere weeks after the announcement is made for the next year’s roster of performers. From the association president, Mike Peinado, to the quietest volunteer who works in the shadows, it is a combined effort that makes Everett Civic Music what it is today.

Everett Civic Music thanks our faithful patrons who make it all worthwhile when we see the seats filled to capacity and the smiles on faces at each performance. We applaud the performers who entertain us beyond expectation. And not enough can be said about the devoted and selfless volunteers as well as our very fine Executive Board:

President: Mike Peinado

Vice President: Kathleen Anderson

Vice President: Susan Younquist

Secretary: Susan Wilmoth

Treasurer: Doug Houghton

Publicity: Laurene Kitchen

Technology: Karen Dreyer

Volunteers: Susan Youngquist - Pro Tem